Lady Pills: Limerence


An album review

By: Jeff Orrence

First time starts out slow and soothing. The romantic crooning shows the work of a skilled singer. The sound quality is crisp and clear, even with a little of that familiar low-fi buzz. The lyrical content and guitar structure is nice and subdued, it’s a really pleasant song about being in love.

Sleepovers and definitions picks things up with a little more bass and drum volume. The singing here starts to get really interesting, strong vocal harmonies, it reminds me a lot of early indie rock. This song is about how time takes people away from us. Strangers in these bodies, strangers to ourselves. Conversations that have never happened, but still need to be expressed. In sound, that kind of sadness and pain can be turned to glory and joy. Lady Pills is an excellent example of this.

Shapes you will forget is my favorite track on the album. More of a rock song without being too heavy, the drums really pick it up here. There’s definitely a lot of talent in the rhythm section. The singing goes from low to high, showcasing an excellent range and a willingness to push boundaries. Ella Boissonnault is a skilled songwriter, and her band really brings it to life.

Flicker has the sweet sound of a ballad from the mid 20th century. This is a song about loving, or giving your heart to someone who is not capable of reciprocating. Love itself is a tricky experience, and coming to terms with the fact that you won’t be enough for someone is one of the oldest heartbreaks. Nothing can satisfy the desire for the old flame in the one you love. In that way you are both hurting, and really still alone. The knowledge of what could have been had but will never be. I love how perfectly these feelings are put into sound.

The closer, B-Side, is short and hopeful closer in an album dealing with depression, separation, loss, and isolation. Ending on a happy note was unexpected, but in a positive way.  It’s a great album, and I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Listen here:

Lady Pills: Limerence

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