Spaceboy: Mobtown Sessions


An album review

By: Jeff Orrence

In cars opens with a great layered guitar track and a blasting drum beat. The way the bass plays against the guitar and flows with the vocals is great. This is an extremely catchy song, I really enjoy all the drum fills, there’s a lot of skill involved. The chorus boosts the song up, there’s so much great energy in this band. It has the unique power to inspire in a desire to try harder, do more, and blast Spaceboy to all my friends.

Shades shows off the bass chops out the gate with a slightly slower sound. The song has a great build. The riffs and flow of the vocals remind me a lot of early System Of A Down. The layered guitar solos bring to mind influences of Black Sabbath. The writing in this song is excellent. The idea of wanting to feel whole, looking for an outside source to fill a void, a hole that can’t be fixed alone. Through sound, through music, and some bad ass guitar solos, we can heal together.

Without you is a powerful song, with more of a pop punk vibe. It’s a song about someone that doesn’t care about you like they used to. Dreaming of the people that once were our closest companions can be difficult. The memories that can be pushed away by day can’t be ignored in dreams. Our dreams can paint a vivid tapestry of what could, but will never be. Spaceboy has captured that perfectly here.

King of fools, the closer, comes out swinging with a great lead riff. The bass on this song is amazing, it stands out to me here more than any other. Every member of this band is very talented, and listening I feel it’s important to look at all of the pieces that make up the whole of Spaceboy. The lead played over the vocals is a really nice effect, and leads to a fantastic outro. Great album, great band!

Listen here:

Spaceboy: Mobtown Sessions

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