Debrider: Blind and Bloodshot


An Album Review

By Wanda Perkins

Debrider released their album Blind and Bloodshot on July 28, 2015.

In its haze of delayed whispers and ambient guitar, Blind and Bloodshot surrounds listeners with that familiar warm and fuzzy dream-pop, shoegaze sound. The tracks are simple and straight forward, and the stripped down sound allows for the focus to be on the vocals- those beautiful floating melodies in a sultry, relaxed but confident alto voice. The subtle harmonies are all sweet and dreamy; a perfect touch. The songs convey pure emotions of sadness and longing, heartbreak, comfort and warmth.

Of the five, I am most enchanted by “Never Leave Me.” With its lyrics like poetry (which I was pleased to find written out on the bandcamp page), it paints a picture of a field in spring, and charmingly words  the power of love and desire: “The moments freeze at our command/ A snapshot, taken of our hands.”

For a debut album this is lovely, impressive, and promising, and I can’t wait to hear more! Check out Debrider here:

Debrider: Blind and Bloodshot

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