Arrabers: Touch ‘Em All


An Album Review

By: Jeff Orrence

Arrabers is a local band that brings a lot to the table with a heavy, droning, and rhythmic album. Jucio por combate starts things off with some clean guitar over heavily effected riffs, over top a woman speaking Spanish. It’s something that I have never heard done before, and even though I failed Spanish in school it’s still a great way to introduce and entice the audience into a new kind of album. Arrabers are clearly a very creative band, and want that known from the first two minutes.

Nature AI opens with some of that sweet crunchy bass, with a nice build up into a more hardcore sound. This band has a solid rhythm section, and wastes no time proving it. The vocals are dark and intense. There are a lot of great drum fills in this album, the drummer has some serious chops and I was very impressed. I’m reminded strongly of early Black Sabbath.

Fuck Face is a much much more hostile song, in the best way. It’s a song about accusing, abusing, being abused and fed up. The overdriven, spiking vocals in the chorus are pleasantly abrasive, it just has a really nice groove to it. I listened to this song more than any other.

A band with such a focus on rhythm needs a strong bassist, and SAGNOF is there to make this known. The guitar moves in and out while the bass lines and drum fills keep the backbone tight and rigid. Arrabers is one of those bands where every member is quite talented, and their voices can be heard in each song. 9 tracks on this album and all of them are fantastic. If you like a heavier, darker sound, or have ever felt like there’s been an injustice against you, or even if you’ve gone through a real struggle, Arrabers is here for you. Check this album out, you will find some great, unique things here.

Listen to the full album:

Arrabers: Touch ‘Em All

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