Music For Unity: Bringing us back together


A reflective write up.

On a mid August afternoon in downtown Frederick, the original founder of Music For Unity brought together local musicians and other locals volunteered their time to discuss bringing back what used to be one of the signature shows of Downtown Frederick, and the surrounding areas. Some of us had been to the shows when we were teenagers, and others having more here in more recent years knew it from the stories.  Music For Unity, an ages show that wasn’t quite a festival, wasn’t quite a nonprofit, but it’s own completely unique creation. Music for Unity gave not only the space for underage people a place where they could be heard, it was also focused on teaching something. Working with various local nonprofit groups, there was compassion at the heart of every show. Yesterday we talked about taking some steps in the right direction to reignite that spark.

Creating an all ages show venue- One of the biggest struggles in the past with Music for Unity was that it wasn’t always in the same location. This made the event more difficult to pull off. If we have a dedicated space for the sake of promoting local shows, it will lessen the workload for everyone. It was discussed not only having it as a show space, but even renting it out as a practice space or an art studio. For the benefit of everyone, as I think is in the spirit of the event.

House shows- In the district, house shows are very common and as reported by some musicians attending the meeting, “Some of the best shows in DC.” House shows would be a great way to get Music for Unity back on it’s feet, with much less of a cost. There is already a house show in mind for this, and any additional spaces that could be used would be greatly appreciated. The more people we have in this network, the more successful we will all become.

Young musicians: Having a place for younger musicians to preform was always a core of Music for Unity. There is a great variety of acts at an all ages show, and aspiring musicians getting their first performance for a large crowd, or even on a big stage can be life changing. With up to 16 bands or more per show, and quick 30 minute sets, there’s a lot to be learned.

With the mutual support of the local community, musicians, nonprofits, and anyone else who is interested, Music for Unity will be well on it’s way to being what it once was.

To get involved, contact:

Music For Unity: Bringing us back together

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