Cat You Dog You: Live Nude Cats


An Album Review

Self defined as experimental, acid, kirtan, aleatoric experimental rock (to name a few),  Cat You Dog You has come out strong in this album. Unlike anything I’ve ever heard,

The Day sets the tone for the album with very pretty melodic bass lines over a skilled horn section. Everything about this song feels big. It grows, and sways. Like a breaking over the coastline, it washes over you in it’s sound. The song, perhaps in its own lyrics or in my imagination, conjures the image of riding on the DC metro as the sun is rising so bright that all the people squint their eyes. Whatever this feeling is, to me, it has been captured accurately here.

National Debt is a much more wild song. With lots of yelling, and advertising within the song it’s easy to see how Cat You Dog You brings a show to life. Even on the album their natural ability as performs can shine through in sound. Sound can convey so much, and Cat You Dog you again finds a way to put in sound one of the intangible parts of life. I won’t spoil the whole thing, I think that this music is best experienced for the first time with no expectations. Just let it hit you, and listen to each song a few times. It’s hard to get all the subtleties going on in this band, they are such amazing musicians.

Listen here:

Cat You Dog You: Live Nude Cats

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