Tomato Dodgers: Ketchup Chemtrails


An Album Review

Tomato Dodgers is a difficult band to describe in just a paragraph. At times incredibly cerebral, reflective, genuine, extremely catchy and I just have nothing I can think to compare it to. Maybe this is a new genre for me, or maybe Tomato Dodgers is just that good. I’m inclined to believe the latter.

The intro, Chemtrails is more of a skit about, well, chemtrails. Belief or disbelief in those ideas put aside, there’s something incredibly foreboding about the matter of fact way news anchors discuss life and death. The cold, sterile sounds of the electronic scrambling has an intriguing creepiness about it. The idea that some people know more than others, or that knowing too much can be dangerous is a theme that’s present throughout the content of this album, among many other concepts.

Elvis Impersonator is a song that reminds me a lot of early 90’s punk rock. NOFX, Lagwagon, Millencolin, and other greats are just what I picked up on from the first few chords. There’s a nice story going on in this song. Tomato Dodgers are very skilled at writing and composing the lyrics for these songs.

Woman in Black is by far the darkest song on this album. I absolutely love it. The subject matter, drugs, destruction, and love come together. The layered vocals, guitar solos, and passion in this song really make it great. I think that everyone who listens to this song will relate to it some way. If not in your own life, someone that was close to you. It’s a universal unspoken struggle. Great song.

This album is full of so many great instruments together. The sax playing alongside a glockenspiel is something that I’ve never heard before. Bass heavy at the same time and full of so much melody. Amazing, facemelting guitar solos somehow fit inside as well. Paranoid is really a great song.

I’m going to skip ahead and say that Ostrich Egg is my favorite song, by far, no contest at all. It’s just a face paced kick ass punk song, I would recommend this album if even if I hated every other song,  I just love it. I think I listened to it five times in a row and then remembered I was supposed to be reviewing.

Slenderman, is a very heavy song. It lies somewhere between heavy metal and horror punk (The Misfits comes to mind). Creative, flowing riffs and interesting subject material make for another fantastic song. Any of these could easily be a single. Tomato Dodgers is a group that can not be held down to a single genre. Much like a thinking mind, every song fits into its own genres, and styles. Not to the point where it sounds disjointed, but that Tomato Dodgers has found a way to write in any way they want. However they could be feeling, whatever inspiration strikes will never be held down or limited. Check out Ketchup Chemtrails and all their other work. I am going to do my best to see them live as soon as possible.

Listen here:

Tomato Dodgers: Ketchup Chemtrails

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