An Album Review

Creep Crusades is a hardcore band out of Washington DC. Their sound reminds me a lot of Black Flag, Agnostic Front, Minor Threat, DRI, and many other bands from the original hardcore era. The difference here is, this album has a lot of effect put into the production to make it sound as wild and furious as possible. This is the kind of hardcore I love, and any punk, metal or thrash fan will find a lot to like here.

This is a big album. It’s the collection of all the songs together that make up the whole of the sound. Individually, they are all good tracks, but listened to all the way through there is a build. The songs build on each other and seem to increase the hostility as they go on. This is the kind of band you go to see if you are having a rough day. There’s something so primal and visceral about Creep Crusades. From the very first track, Dead To Me, the drums are on point and doing so much more than just keeping the beat. Being a hardcore three piece, the rhythm section has to be seriously tight. There’s a lot going on and it’s all happening so quickly.

On their site, Creep Crusades mentions that this album was specifically recorded and mixed to produce a live sound. They have accomplished that so well, knowing that one of the best parts of listening to any punk or hardcore band is going to the wild shows. With their longest song still under three minutes, the album won’t take too much time out of your day to listen to. I’d recommend listening to it at least one more time, it’s easy to get distracted by how awesome the songs are and miss out on creative drum fills or hear the meaning behind a song.

Stabbing Party is my favorite song on this album. Upbeat, but still has that coarse hardcore sound. Full of energy and great songwriting, never before did I actually consider going to/starting a stabbing party. I don’t know exactly what that is exactly, but Creep Crusades makes it sound like a damn good time. This is fun, hostile, energetic music. Towards the end of the album I am reminded very much of Pantera, and other early 90’s thrash bands. Grab a leather jacket, some Pabst’s Blue Ribbion and check this album out.

Listen here:


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