Proxy States: Demo


A Music Review

By Wanda Perkins

Proxy States’ Demo echoes the sounds of early alternative rock, with psychobilly guitar tones and a bouncy rhythm section. There is a fun energy in these tracks, contrasting lyrics that are sometimes dark and cynical. The songs are well structured, straightforward, and easy to follow.

The full range of influences is most apparent in the song “Frank,” starting out with a country blues feel, walking bass line and catchy vocal harmonies, then breaking down into a mellow groove. The whole thing infused with Keith Moon-like drum fills, keeping the energy high. The songs alternate between upbeat rockabilly punk, and dreamy alternative and classic rock feels. A song like “Change Your Mind” could easily become a drunken singalong, played to the right crowd.

The recordings have a live sound feel to them, and I would imagine this would be a really fun band to see live. You can listen to Proxy States Demo and find out about their upcoming shows around DC and VA here:

Proxy States: Demo

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