Harness Flux: Collected Singles


A Music Review

Harness Flux, also known as John Masters, is a solo artist out of Washington, D.C. This is more of a collection than an album. More of a representation of time passing. Of the culmination of many different ideas all put together to form a cohesive whole. Harness Flux, with a touch of the 90s garage rock, a touch of indie rock, and above all else a desire to create has a wonderful collection of tracks here.

This is the first solo artist I’ve listened to in a while, and that resonated a lot to me. The difficulty of not only writing all of the pieces of these songs alone, but recording and putting together each track individually takes a great amount of dedication and persistence. Harness Flux is a multi-instrumentalist, and uses that skill to his full advantage here. Each piece of every song is bringing something interesting or unique to this song collection, and with each song I am still impressed. Not only in the composition of the base tracks of each song, but with the layered guitar solos and drum fills. The bass lines are deeper in the mix, but they are all still solid. A little more lo-fi, but still well produced.

The less members a band has, the more isolated the style can become. This is not the case here, as each track on this album has it’s own sound and instrumentation. Sometimes the vocals are clear and up front, on others they are subdued. Heavily with the reverb and pushed deeper into the mix, gives certain songs a very psychedelic sort of sound. Harness Flux has a way of taking something simple and finding ways to improve and build on it until it becomes something huge. Less is more, and this collection is a great example of that. Not doing too much or to little, but just the right amount pushes these songs into greatness.

Harness Flux is a very interesting band. On listening, it made me wonder how it would sound if I decided to strike out on my own. I’ve never been much of a solo artist, always finding comfort in the presence of my band mates on stage. I wonder if I could create such a solid sound alone. Harness Flux is a band that I would difficulty describing to someone I didn’t know well, they just have a very individual sound. This is a great collection, and very worth checking out if you are a fan of independent, creative music.

Listen Here: https://harnessflux.bandcamp.com/album/collected-singles-remastered-ep/

Harness Flux: Collected Singles

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