Moon-Scene: Walk With The Sky


An Album Review

An Alt/Jazz/Indie group consisting of just two members, I love bands like this. Hailing from Alexandria, Virginia, this band could easily pick up steam with this release. There’s nothing quite like two talented people getting together and using all of their combined talent to make something incredible. Ranging from morose songs of lounge act era longing, to mellow guitar grooves, any fan of jazz guitar will want to check out Moon-Scene. The guitar and vocals compliment each other so well, and every single song on this 10 song album has a unique and interesting sound.

There’s something incredibly versatile about bands with just two members. To me, it seems like there must always be a deep musical connection between the two members to be capable of accomplishing so much with just two people. Moon-Scene surprised me constantly, and I found myself floored with such a collection of great music. I love the drumming in these songs. Always on point, every beat is a perfectly timed solid foundation for the jazzy riffs. Some of the best drumming out there just has to be solid. Try do play too much, it can become muddy and clouded. The drumming in Walk With The Sky is the perfect touch of talent and subtlety. Both of the musicians in this band are truly skilled, and raise each other to a higher level.

The vocals on the album are fantastic. The writing in every song uses the chords and drumming to help accent and support the singing. Moon-Scene has such a strong range, going from deep and heavy to bright serenades, the vocals stand out just as much as the drumming and guitar. Every piece of this sound is so vital, and it’s all so well put together. The composition on Walk With The Sky are excellent.

My favorite track has to be the closer, Red Light Green Light. The guitar riff is just so catchy, and the singing really kills it. The riffs on this song as some of their most complex and creative, Moon-Scene really proves that they are talented in every way. There’s something very soothing about this song. The build of it all, the riffs playing off each other, the subdued yet beautiful vocals, it all just works so well. I was blown away by Walk With The Sky, and I highly, highly recommend checking it out . Moon-Scene is one of my favorite bands I’ve reviewed, and they actually have even more great content on their bandcamp site. This is a band that clearly has a bright future.

Listen here:

Moon-Scene: Walk With The Sky

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