An Album Review

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first listened to this New York two piece, with just a bass guitar and a drummer. I soon realized that there an incredible things, creative songwriting, amazing instrumentation and a sound, though with only two people not limited to two instruments. With an organ, a bass guitar, a drum kit, and some other percussion instruments, PUNT has made something really unique here.

The album opens heavy and strong with the melodic bass lines reminiscent of the best early 80s punk. First impressions brought back memories of listening to Walk Among Us/Earth A.D. There’s something about the way the vocals are slightly behind the sound of the bass and drums. It gives every song a live feel. Blasting and in your face, you can really taste the sweat of both members here. This is one of the strongest rhythm sections I’ve heard in a long time. Not only are they both playing hard on every song, they both sing too. Singing while drumming to me is one of the most impressive feats for a musician to accomplish well. There’s so much going on physically with these drum parts, BILL and ELI (as they are listed on their site) are both very talented people.

The Locust, Death from above 1979, Lightning Bolt, these are all bands that also come to mind. PUNT is one of those bands that is so talented, you could spend hours thinking of all the other bands that they remind you of. They are however, very much their own sound. I can’t think of a single act that reminds me of them directly, just little similarities. This album is self described as lo-fi, but I’m not sure that I would agree with that. The sound production and quality on OIL is above average, and to me fits perfectly into PUNTS style.

Ghouls is my favorite song on the album, it has that stoner rock feel that can be acheived so well with some overdriven bending and killer drum fills. This song might be more late 70’s than some other songs, but the hooks here are solid. This manages to be an extremely catchy and memorable track, and this album as a whole is great. If you’re looking for something unique, different, bass driven, or love complex drumming, OIL is worth checking out. Checking out twice.

Listen here: https://punt.bandcamp.com/


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