Static Scene: Self Titled EP


An Album Review

Static Scene, coming from McLean, Virgina have released what I can only call a powerful EP. Each song has an energy can full, gigantic sound that makes what is only a four track EP seem like so much more. Static Scene has the ability to make such an impact with every song, I love the dynamics presented here. The way the sound flows, the energy of each riff, drumbeat or bass lick all work together to push into a new song. The lead and rhythm guitars play off each other with a great finesse. This EP is captivating.

An Alt/Post Rock band, to me there’s a touch of the Indie music as well. I would conisder the Static Scene EP guitar driven. The melodies are carried by their rhythm section, but their flows and directions are controlled by the guitar leads. The vocals build around these leads. It makes everything being said in the songs have more emphasis, the guitar pushing each word farther and faster. There is a lot of care and depth to the vocals as well. Ranging from soft spoken to outright screaming, there is so much genuine emotion here. Static Scene will never have to consider whether they should be taken seriously. It takes courage to write like this, to sing from a place deep inside. When the passion comes from the heart to the microphone, the difference is obvious. Eye for an Eye, the opener, is my favorite tracked on the album. I was hooked from the first minute.

Static Scene knows how to write in many different styles. The guitar solos on this EP are amazing, punctuating the rhythms and melodies so well. It’s here that the bass and drums really shine, and prove without any doubt that they are just as important as everyone else. Without the skill and precision of the bass and drums, the guitars would have nothing to support them. Static Scene is a band that does everything right, and I can’t wait to hear what they have next.

Also: This EP comes in a slipcase wallet, which is always nice.

Listen Here:

Static Scene: Self Titled EP

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