Pushovrs: Educate the Public


An album review

Pushovrs are a garage/punk/surf band out of Baltimore, Maryland. Educate the Public is an album with a lot of depth. Bass heavy, loose and very anti-political, this is a kind of music I haven’t heard in a while. I remember about 10 years ago there was a lot more anger in music. The bitter sarcasm is something I haven’t really heard in a while, the outrage against the injustices of the world. Pushovrs has no problem getting straight to those points and making their views clear. Educate the public at times sounds like an accusation, a stand against the conventional way of living. In this sense it also is reminiscent of the 1980s American hardcore movement. There’s a strong punk influence on this album as well. The band that kept coming back into my head was Dead Kennedys. The singer even reminds me a lot of Jello Biafra’s wild tones.

Everyone in this band is talented, and in each song that is proven. There’s a lot of atmosphere to these songs too. The psychotic laughing and high pitched speech really caught me off guard. It was an interesting touch. Even moreso after that the song doesn’t end, it carries on the higher pitched riff for a little while longer. Amazing song.

Cigarettes is the track that shows off the drum and bass chops. When the guitar does come into the song, the way the energy picks up, the sick solos would not have had as much impact without the way this band composes. Educate the Public has a great variety for 6 songs, and that they are capable of making many different kinds of songs. If you’re looking for a song to have a few drinks to, Loud Bangs is the winner there. The closer, and the only track with a semi acoustic part, the build here is so good. I love songs that aren’t limited to one style. The drumming on this song is my favorite of the entire album, they are complex, catchy, and really impressive overall. Loud Bangs has some really smooth grooves to it, and Pushovrs is a band that everyone should check out. I really enjoyed listening to every song on Educate the Public. You can see Pushovrs perform live at Electric Maid in Washington, D.C. on August 23rd.

Listen here: https://pushovrs.bandcamp.com/

Pushovrs: Educate the Public

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