Cheshi: FFF


An album review

This is an album that will grab your attention. The tracks are raw, hewn with the musings of an artist that brings the dark shadow over the sweet nature of folk. The genre of dark folk is one of my least explored, but after giving this album a listen I found an entirely new perspective. Opening and closing with only auto tuned vocal tracks, the creative nature of this music is apparent from the first 30 seconds.

The guitar holds a foundation for the harmonies and every track has so many layers. This is deep music, from a deep intelligent mind. At times serene, at times full of sorrow, Cheshi is a band that knows how to write a song that connects to the core of the mind. I think that there is a misconception with acoustic music. Atmospheric is an understatement.

FFF is an album that reminds me of the morning fog rising over the sea, beautiful and distant in its calling. Known for their songwriting, Cheshi lives up to every expectation and surpasses them with FFF. I highly recommend this album. Cheshi has a lot more to offer, with many live performances under their belt and more members joining, the future of this group is bright.

Fake Fuckin Facade, I just love the way that sounds.

Listen here:

Cheshi: FFF

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