Out on the Weekend: So it goes


An album Review

Out on the Weekend is an Alternative/Garage rock band from Harrisonburg, Virginia. This album is very reflective, with many of the tracks focusing on loss, self doubt, and the bitter taste of reality. Out on the Weekend is a band that takes personal tragedies and puts them to sound. Deep and poetic, the stories being told on this album are raw and filled with the pain of life. Love, and as much beauty and joy that there can be, when it fades or feeling die, there’s still a lot left to say. I feel that this album is an answer to questions we all have, whether the ways we fill in the darkest times are valid, or real. To me, this makes So it Goes a brave album. It takes courage to admit, accuse, and tear down the self.

Along For The Ride, the opener sets the tone for the album with great drum tracks and leads over the sorrowful tone of the lyrics. This is a song about two people, and the confusion of trying to forge the foundation of a future without a clear direction. Clearly written based on life experience, Out on the Weekend is a band that will always get personal. Although the content is very emotional, there’s still a sense of strength in this album. Awareness of your own faults, and the expression of them is the best way to heal from the way life can beat us down. I’m Really Great, the third track, is the one I identified with the most. There aren’t many songs that can bring out the feeling of being your own worst enemy in such a personal way, I think one of the best things about this band is how universal these songs are. No matter what kind of life you live, there will be a feeling, a time of frustration or sense of hopelessness that will have to be overcome.

I’ll say this though, this is not depressing music. The songs can be focused on difficult truths, admission of mistakes, or falling out of love, but that doesn’t mean it’s sad. It’s about the way we deal with these issues that makes us who we are, not the issues themselves. Through listening to So It Goes, I didn’t feel hopeless. I felt that there were people who are going through the same things I am, and that it will all be okay in the end. To me, Out on the Weekend is giving hope to the hopeless, and no matter how bad it gets, we are all here living in this world together. It’s dark, brooding, and beautiful. I highly recommend listening to this album. It might just help you get through a rough patch, and is overall just a fantastic, well written album.

Wondering Why is my favorite track on the album. It’s an incredible song, and I’m always coming back to hear it again.

Out on the Weekend: So it goes

One thought on “Out on the Weekend: So it goes

  1. Nate says:

    Great review! I appreciate the kind words and the things you said bring a fresh perspective to the songs and the way that they were written.


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