Owl Like Creature: You’ll Find a Home


An Album Review

Owl Like Creature released You’ll Find a Home June 14, 2015.

You’ll Find a Home is thirteen dreams of the nighttime forest captured in a jar. Stringed instrument weave intricate scenes of leaf-like patterns, and conversations between birds in treetops. The melodies are winding trails. These songs are elegantly crafted by rhythmic acoustic guitar and expressive vocals that sometimes change from male to female, painting a lovely air of mystery.

Subtly beautiful, You’ll Find a Home has the tone of a sweet sad lullaby. The writing is tasteful, mellow and complex, and leaves plenty of musical breathing space. It reaches into some dark places, but keeps the sense of honesty and wonder. Bright and playful intricacies are scattered throughout in songs like “Broke the 6,” and “Uplift,” and You’ll Find a Home covers a good range of emotional territory.

There is something enchanting about this record, and it’s the kind you might notice something new about each time you listen. You can stream or download the album here:



By Wanda Perkins

Owl Like Creature: You’ll Find a Home

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