Fake Bodies: Sad Tales of a Trapezoid


A music review

Fake Bodies is a garage/alt rock band from Woodbrige, Virginia. Sad Tales of a Trapezoid may only be two tracks, but to me it’s a strong statement from a band with limitless potential. In my time in the DC music scene I have them pushing hard at every opportunity to jump on shows at put their name out to the public. Fake Bodies is a band that knows what it wants, and works tirelessly to achieve those goals. The music on this album is catchy and great, and reminds me a lot of the bands I used to have when I was in school. This 2 song EP really reminds me of The Dead Milkmen, and overall to me this album has a strong touch of the mid 80s.

In my life, I don’t think I’ve heard a song from the point of view of a Trapezoid, although not too long ago I wrote a song called Triangles, so maybe everyone just has shapes on thier mind. Using geometric metaphors to emphasize that too familiar feeling of not fitting in, with booming backups in the chorus, Fake Bodies has crafted a fun and catchy song. It’s also a very reflective song, about accepting yourself for who you are, and that trying to be normal is a total waste of energy. Our unique attributes help define who we are, and they should always be celebrated. Fake Bodies carries that message really well, and every musicianship this band is quite skilled.

What Now?, the closer/other song on this 2 track release has a lot more going on musically. The bassist and drummer work so well together, and leave a lot of room for some great lead riffs and subdued, almost distant and sad vocals. Not only is the lead guitar killing it, in the space between there are well composed bass licks and drum fills. Fake Bodies is a band with serious talent, and they have no issues proving that. I’m excited to hear more from them, and see what this group will bring to the table with a full album.

Here’s my advice to Fake Bodies: Trust that your music is good. Know that you are talented, and have fun. I recommend checking this music out, and maybe shooting them a message if you need a good band for an all ages show, I know I will.

Fake Bodies: Sad Tales of a Trapezoid

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