diet: Gogo


A single review

diet is an alternative rock band from Staten Island, New York. This is a great single, and an excellent introduction to such a wonderfully talented group. Embracing the dark pieces of life, the pain of growing and the ways we interact with each other. diet is a band that holds nothing back, and makes their intention clear in their sound. To me this song is more than just music. It’s an expression of the way musicians communicate some of the most complex emotions.

This is a song about nostalgia on the surface, but when the layers are peeled back it’s much more than that, it’s about how disconnected we are. It’s about the way our frustrations and anger can be misunderstood, the way we bite and scratch at the world can isolate ourselves from each other, and those less experienced. It’s a song about being misunderstood, and trying to give advice to someone that hasn’t been there. When you’re young, it’s hard to try to tell someone else that has years of experience on you to let go of e damage that e weight of the world can have. I find diet to be an incredibly complex, intricate band, with astonishingly dark and beautiful songwriting. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend listening to this single, their EP, and catching a show with them if you can. This is a band that knows how the world is, and isn’t afraid to say it

“And you may think I’m being sadisitc, but kiddo this is me at my most masochistic” – diet.

Listen here:

diet: Gogo

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