Rachel Kline: Manic Pixie Dream Girl


An album review

Rachel Kline is an alternative solo artist from Virginia. This is an album that cuts straight to the core. Not so much the vauge metaphor, this is a deeply instropective look into the mind of the artist. Heavy, honest, brooding, sad and sweet, Rachel Kline is a powerful songwriter. I really appreciate this music, and I think more music like this should exist. There’s no false tenderness here, no rug or cover that the real issues we all face can be swept under. This is an album for anyone who has feels isolated, alone, or misunderstood. A lot of us in the world find relief from our sadness in music that reflects our own hard times, and feel alienated by anything else that tries to pretend that the world doesn’t have a deep rooted darkness.

As much as I can compliment the excellent guitar work, vocal backups and harmonies, the lyrics that are riddled with such a genuinely sad and mournful tone, I think that Rachel Kline really said it best;

“This is a collection of songs I wrote over the course of a year to cope with mental illness, people leaving, and the darker parts of life that people usually don’t talk about. It’s personal and it’s uncomfortable, but most importantly, it’s real”.

With all the things that I could have said, there’s no one who could say it better than the one who went through the life that led to all this wonderful music. I think that we all could benefit to embrace the darkness. The music world has a lot of false light, and illusions of a perfect world that can leave us ill prepared to face the brutal truths that can be thrust upon us. Rachel Kline has tapped into the darkness, and through clever weaving and beautiful new creations, turned darkness into light. This is the glory in sound, the way we can take the things that tear us down and use them to build each other up. Check this out, I strongly recommend listening to this one.

Listen here: https://rachelkline.bandcamp.com/

Rachel Kline: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

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