Ronnie Glenn Williams: Wichita


An album review

Ronnie Glenn Williams is an Acoustic singer/songwriter from Witchita, Kansas. From the first track to the last, this album is full of beautiful guitar work, skilled and soulful singing, dynamic soloing and creative songwriting. This is the kind of music that is challenging not to like. There’s a touch of bluegrass and indie to his writing, but overall I don’t think any of those definitions will ever be exactly right. Wichita is an album unique as the mind behind it, but relatable in the way we all appreciate a pretty sunset. It’s serene, without being overly sweet or obnoxious. With Wichita, Ronnie Glenn Williams has proven that he is the real thing. Accessible is the key word to me. The Americana sound, the subtle tones of the acoustic guitar, along with the vocal harmonies are all some of the pieces that make this album so interesting.

This is the kind of album I’ll put on after a hard day. Sitting outside your home, or wherever life has taken you, and breathing the freshness of the air, the soft yield of bare feet on the earth sitting in a chair having a few drinks to help ease out of the pressure and demands life has for us. Wichita is an album that I think everyone should listen to. There’s a timeless quality to this music. In any time, this album is an exceptional example of how a talented person can create a masterpiece by themselves. Ronnie Glenn Williams is brining the Kansas sound to the DC area, and I’m looking forward to seeing more work from him soon. I highly recommend listening to this album soon, over a campfire with a significant other or some good friends. Or even alone. No matter how you hear it, it’s going to be good.

Listen here:

Ronnie Glenn Williams: Wichita

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