Glory In Sound Presents: Fall Playlist (Part 1)


On our site we have had the pleasure of listening to some of the best local bands around, and with the summer ending and the fall looming over us, here are 10 of my favorite tracks to usher in the change of seasons, and one shameless self promotion

Sushi Twin: Out of place

Out on the Weekend: Wondering Why

Rachel Kline: The Funeral

Tomato Dodgers: Jokes

Calm and Crisis: Stige

Static Scene: Eye for an Eye:

Creep Crusades: Cutthroat

PUNT: Ghouls

Cartoon Weapons: Crawlspace

Seaknuckle: Lost in the shade

The Meer: Seven

There is so much good music out there, but these are a collection of songs that really stuck with me, deep into reaches of my conciousness, where the songs stay imprinted in your mind. Give these tracks a listen, check out the album reviews on this site, purchase their albums if you’ve got cash to spare and then go see them live. It’s so important to support local music. I feel very lucky to work within a scene that has been overwhelmingly supportive and is constantly growing.

-Jeff Orrence

Glory In Sound Presents: Fall Playlist (Part 1)

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