Morning Banana Diet: Songs For Salamanders


An album review

Morning Banana diet is an ambient post-hardcore band from Waneysboro, Pennsylvania. This is a different kind of album, from the first song to the last I found new and interesting songwriting, guitar fills, harsh guttural vocals blended masterfully together to create something really impressive. This is an album that gives the feeling of being right there with the band, a good live sound isn’t easy to pull off, but this five piece has it down perfectly.  There’s a lot of ambience mixed in with clear, strong messages.

There’s something very comforting about the way a band screams out about how we are nothing, and our lives don’t matter. Not because I necessarily feel that way, but that someone else out there is feeling the same way that I am. That it’s not out of place or isolating to have those thoughts or ideas. The second track, Lemons, is the one I’m talking about, it’s such an amazing song. It doesn’t end lost in that late night headspace that leaves us lost, floating adrift in the oceans of our minds. The song ends with hope, and I found that really inspiring. Taking the things that make us feel small and using them to make us feel unstoppable. Morning Banana Diet isn’t like any other band I’ve ever heard, they are masterful storytellers as well as songwriters.

The musicians, all of the musicians in this band are so talented. Every musician ha a clear and solid line, the bass and drums keep the beat going while the guitars are busy shredding hard almost constantly throughout. It’s like an entirely new genre of music, something that can’t really be explained exactly. It can only be heard to be fully understood. I urge anyone looking for something new, fun, unique, and groundbreaking to check these guys out.

Seriously. Do it right now.

Listen here:

Morning Banana Diet: Songs For Salamanders

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