Escape Point: Ghost Signs


An album review

Escape Point is an experimental post-hardcore band based out of Washington, D.C. This is very atmospheric music, and one of the most interesting albums I’ve heard in a long time. Touches of heavy, touches of shoegaze, I love the direction that Escape Point has on this album. Though it reminds me very much of the more instrumental focused and complex writing styles a lot of the scene in D.C. is going for, Escape Point subverts those expectations, blending guitar driven writing with moments of bursting intensity, this band has an excellent blend of genres that will span over anyone who enjoys punk, rock, shoegaze, or grunge.

The band that I was the most reminded of was The Melvins. The drumming on Ghost Signs is fantastic on every track. Powerful, while still maintaining subtlety, quiet when the need arises,  Escape Points has an innate sense of timing and direction that can take bands years to develop. Both guitarists in this trio are very skilled, and I’ve never heard such an interesting way of layering sound the way that they do. Where talented musicians come together, anything that they want to accomplish is possible, and Ghost Points is clear evidence of this.

My favorite track on the album is Goonerang, and not just because that word is really fun to say. The heavy drone of the guitars over a very catchy riff is just intoxicating, and the vocal track here is so well done. Everything fits together in a satisfying way, the drumming is fast and intense the whole time, dropping in and out masterfully. The musicianship of this band is top notch, and I look forward to seeing what this band comes out with next. I think that D.C. Needs more bands like this, bands that bring back a good dose of heavy in a world that’s getting a little too gentle.

Listen here:

Escape Point: Ghost Signs

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