A Collegiate Affair: Full Disclosure

A Collegiate Affair

An album review

A Collegiate Affair is a pop punk/melodic punk band from Richmond, Virginia. From the very first track on this album, I was blown away. The high quality production, the clear and precise tone of all the instruments, the skill and effort put into all these tracks is astounding. This sounds like a band that’s been together for 20 years, and already signed to a major record label. This is the kind of album where every song is even more interesting and engaging than the last, the tracks are all layered so well, everything from the guitar to the backup vocals has been implemented perfectly to create something amazing. Catchy, upbeat, and with a touch of a heavier sound, A Collegiate Affair defies and subverts all expectations with a five track masterpiece. Full Disclosure is a phenomenal listen from start to finish, and I found myself listening to all of the tracks several times.

It speaks for itself, in a way. There’s a certain kind of music that can’t exactly be articulated. The bass, drums, and vocals all work together expertly, the flow is so great and there are a lot of great dynamic touches on the songs. Shock Value, my personal favorite track is a condemnation of the way that the systems in place work to oppress so many people. It’s always great to see such skilled musicians using their creativity to stand up against what can seem like an endless, faceless machine. A Collegiate Affair is a band that stands up for the world, in defiance of the corruption and fear mongering in the world. There’s a sense of strength and power in this music, that comes across effortlessly. That takes real talent, skill, and courage.

This is an album that has a clear, high quality sound that really makes Full Disclosure stand out above the rest. This is the kind of album that I’ll be listening to years down the road, it’s got such a timeless sound. This is a sincere, deep representation of the minds behind A Collegiate Affair. Full Disclosure is an album that lives up to it’s name. Highly recommend.

Check it out here: https://acollegiateaffair.bandcamp.com/

Music Video for Shock Value: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beaLVJCAAC0

A Collegiate Affair: Full Disclosure

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