Above the Mendoza: Fast Forward

Above The Mendoza

An album review.

Above the Mendoza is a Alternative/Pop punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With a hopeful, bright sound, Above the Mendoza has written a very inspirational album. This album really stands out to me in the way that their sound comes together. This is a band that knows how to play, and play fast. A lot of pop punk bands that I’ve listened to tend to leave behind the punk, but Above the Mendoza has really found an excellent balance between styles. Not only fast in speed, there are so many quick transitions, stops, staccato moments and soft choruses that make this band so interesting to listen to.

The drumming on this album is amazing. The speed, skill, and clarity are astonishing. This level of skill is present in every single song. The personal touch, the lyrics about life and reality are great. I love a good story teller, and this is an album full of life. Full of stories, expressions of their experiences and the way that Above the Mendoza writes music that documents and reflects life is masterful. The bright, optomisitc tone of Fast Forward is rare, pleasant, and makes for a great listen. I love this album, and I highly recommend it if there’s ever a time in life you need to feel strong and hopeful. This is a strong album, filled with hope and heart.

Listen here: https://abovethemendoza.bandcamp.com/album/fast-forward/

Above the Mendoza: Fast Forward

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