Talya Tavor: An Introduction


A music review

Talya Tavor is a Singer/Songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland. The first thing I noticed about this music is the power of the voice and songwriting. There’s a warmth and brilliant energy behind it. The honesty expressed in songs and music like this is what makes it so accessible, and interesting. Not only music written to entertain, or express something broad, this music is intimate. Every song has different qualities and structures, like the individual thoughts and life experience that shapes the melodies. Talya Tavor knows how to use her voice and her acoustic guitar to reach out to the world, and carve into it an honest message. Somewhat of a folk sound, somewhat of a bluesy sound, and a lot of influence from here and there, there’s also something very dynamic about these tracks.

Darkness, that hard part of life that is so rarely spoken of face to face is a thread that ties all of these songs together. Not focused on the hardships themselves, but more the way that we deal with them, and our mutual understandings. The way that we see ourselves and the way we see others, those who struggle in ways that we may have before, or at least known someone that can relate. Talya excels at writing in a way that draws people in, and leads to becoming quite invested in these melodies. The track Not Much of a happy song ended up being my favorite for these reasons. The sweet and subdued chord structure, the gradual rise and fall of the singing and the guitar, and the message itself are all a part of what makes this music have a universal appeal. Appealing to the way we adapt and overcome issues, even if the only way to make someone feel better is to sing them a song. The kindness in the message is what I took away.

Talya Tavor has a collection of truth, anger, disappointment, bitterness, and the gradual process of getting better. Life, as we all experience it has lots of rough spots. We are so often sold the idea that everything is fine, and not to allow yourself to feel openly the negative. This collection of recordings is, to me, a journal of the struggles we have in life. Sometimes, the only way to get out of a bad place is to hear something that can inspire change. In this introduction, Talya Tavor shows that she is a serious musician, with deep, complex messages. I recommend these songs to anyone that needs to feel that they aren’t alone, or some kind of encouragement. There’s a powerful sound in these songs.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/talya-tavor/

Talya Tavor: An Introduction

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