Yellow King: Communion


An album review

Yellow King is a hardcore post-metal band from Harrisonburg, Virginia. Blending the droning breakdowns, complex rhythmic patterns, heavy distortion and bass leads, Yellow King has subverted genre definition and crafted something entirely new. Communion is an album that will challenge the way that bands are labeled, the way music is though of as fitting into a certain box. The riffs are powerful but catchy, these songs have strong hooks that will leave the melodies in your head long after the song has finished. The way the bass and guitar play off each other is very technical and impressive, each track on the album gives a new insight into the minds of those writing these songs and all the energy that goes into that. I’m reminded a lot of bands like The Melvins, Le Butcherettes, and many more bands with grunge or post grunge roots. Yellow King knows how to write good music, and Communion has some of the most creative writing I’ve heard in some time.

The opener, Offering, opens with a pounding drum beat. I love when a drummer can assert themselves like this, and it’s a very engaging way to introduce the listener to the kind of music that they are in for. The way the instruments build on each other during this track is great to hear, the energy of the song picks up as the melodies go along and flow together, everything is mixed very well. The bass is just as crisp and clear as the guitar, the vocal growling is audible and consistent, the vocals on this album are really well done. There’s a mixture of rage, desperation, and violent release in this sound.

Music, the kind of music that Yellow King has made on this album is cathartic. Not limited to those playing the music, listening to communion is stress relief. The wall of sound that comes blaring out of my speakers is an way to let go of frustrations, and get lost in the driving force of the drums, to lose all sense of self doubt with the ferocity of the vocals. The bass here is more than a backbone, it’s a cornerstone. The keystone of the arch, holding all the songs up and freeing the other members to explore within the context of the song, and bringing it all back together. Yellow King has made a great album with communion, and I highly recommend listening to it for something that’s familiar, but done with great finesse.

Listen here:

Yellow King: Communion

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