Collar Bones: Self Titled

Collar Bones

Collar Bones is an experimental psychedelic band with a light touch of surf rock from Washington, D.C. This EP has a very light flow from the first few notes, and that’s something I really appreciate about this music. There are many bands out there doing their great experiments and trying all sorts of new ideas, forming entirely unique styles. I find that the creation of something entirely new with electronic sound has been the foundation of countless groups worldwide, and an endless stream of new innovation. Collar Bones not only innovates, but manages to blend the ambient with the structured in a way that the sound of the synth crashes into you. Waves, come from the ocean and deliver unto the sand new life, and wash away to the sea the stagnant sand. Listening to Collar Bones, for me was a very introspective experience.


Surfhorse, the second of this three track release, shows how Collar Bones can say so much without using words. The build, the way the song gains momentum and captures the mind and senses is quite captivating. It’s the kind of song that gives you room to explore your own mind. It seems over to soon. There’s a serenity to be found in the space given in this song. A peaceful place where nothing can get in. The world can be a harsh, unforgiving, and cold. Listening to Collar Bones fills me with warmth, inspiration, and a strong desire for a full length album. I am eagerly awaiting more, and highly recommend giving this a listen. It won’t even take ten minutes to get through this release, but it will seem like time has stopped. Let yourself be drawn in.

Collar Bones: Self Titled

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