Kai Orion: Pots & Pans



Kai Orion is an artist from Frederick, MD and the Washington, DC area. This is not like anything I’ve ever heard. Every song on this album has been recorded with found objects, found sounds, field recordings, and household items. That in and of itself is a great accomplishment. The amount of creativity and work that has gone into creating Pots & Pans is astounding. Kai Orion has taken the sounds from life and turned them into something beautiful.

Each Track on Pots & Pans is formed from a different part of the human experience. There are 7 tracks, which vary from household sounds, traffic sounds, to industrial sounds and much more. The idea itself astounds me. Writing music often comes from life experiences, but Kai Orion has brought that to another level. The common experiences of life, from a doorbell ringing to a dog barking, are the basis for the songs. To me this would seem to be an insurmountable task. Life can be sporadic, random and confusing. From that loud chaos, there is an order. Just as the earth rotates, as the sun fades into darkness, the sounds of the world come together and form a coherent sound.

Beyond coherent, it has become an amalgamation of our collective human experience. As I was listening, I looked forward to every new song, to hear what sounds would be in the song. To see what I would be able to recognize, and recall times in my own life where I would hear these sounds, and bring up the memories of what was happening in my life when I heard them. Pots & Pans is like nothing I could have ever even thought of, and it continues to astound me.

Kai Orion: Pots & Pans

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