Skyline Hotel: Sparks of Light



Skyline hotel is a indie pop/rock band from Washington, D.C. From the very first notes of this EP, there’s a magnetic pull, with polished, emotional love songs reminiscent of bands like Passion Pit, Bag Raiders, or any band topping the indie pop charts. Over the last 20 years or so, there has been a significant decline in the level of skill and care taken into crafting a hit song. Where there has been sloppy, by the numbers production that seems to be doing everything possible to seem genuinely emotional and sincere, Skyline Hotel has everything that a sleek California producer could spend years trying to manufacture. The vocals show an incredible range, the instrumentation is as timeless as every song on this EP. There’s something about good, independent pop music that keeps it from ever going out of date, or getting less interesting. I listened to every song on Sparks of Light several times, and with each repeated listen I found something new to be in awe of.

What is often considered pop music, in my opinion, should be shunned and ignored for the incredible, somewhat obscure genre that is indie pop. For every manufactured talent, masked and caught up in the vast and vacuous cesspit that tramples our collective consciousness with poorly thought out and ill conceived ideas about love, Skyline Hotel is the beating heart that will make you love pop music again.Sparks of Light is an EP that is full of the brightest subtle beauty. I’d say more, but I think it’s all in the music. That feeling, that indescribable sensation will be available January 19, 2016. Don’t miss out on this experience. In my ideal world, Skyline Hotel and East West Hwy would play a show together and make the D.C. Indie Pop scene an unstoppable, concrete force.


Listen Here:

Skyline Hotel: Sparks of Light

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