Sun & Flesh: Self Titled


Sun & Flesh is a Rock/Metalcore band from Brooklyn, New York. It’s been getting colder, and as the seasons change I find myself listening to music with a heavier sound. Something about seeing through the trees, the bite of the cold, puts me in the right state of mind to listen to Sun & Flesh. This album has 11 songs, and they all seemed to build on each other. The more I listened to Sun & Flesh, I started to realize just how much is going on in the music. It’s a sound that’s familiar, but I see that as a good thing. Sun & Flesh has an engaging sound that will pull from a broad spectrum.

Overall, Sun & Flesh have their own sound. The songs are very guitar driven, and range from a Metal or Metalcore sound to a quiet and more somber tone. The band that I’m reminded of the most is Killswitch Engage, I could easily see themĀ touring together. I am not an expert in this genre so I’m sure there are a lot of other bands they could be compared to. That’s the thing about them though, they have a sound that casts a wide net. I love the guitar work. Every song is not only well written, but also has so many harmonies, lead riffs, and solos that add so many layers to this music. The Vocals are full of harmonies, screaming, intense backing vocals add to the atmosphere of their self titled release.

On a more personal note, about when this album was first released I played with Sun & Flesh when they were touring through Baltimore. They have such a big sound, and the power of their live show is tangible. They put on a great stage show, and were really nice guys. If you have a chance to see them live I highly recommend checking them out! They are always on the road, you can find their schedule in the links below


Listen here:

Official Website here:


Sun & Flesh: Self Titled

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