The Royal Twenties: Virgin


The Royal Twenties are an indie rock band out of Worcester, MA. This is a band that captures anger and turns it into beauty. Very much vocal driven, the clash of the clean guitars against the harsh vocals weave very interesting dynamics. Every song on Virgin has a lot going on, and the entire album is well polished and produced. I’m reminded a lot of Thrice, Modest Mouse, and Taking Back Sunday. Granted, I was never an expert in this genre, but listening to The Royal Twenties makes me want to open mind to a style of music I’ve never really explored. I think that’s the sign of a talented band, to broaden horizons of the listener with the quality of the music. Some albums have a way of ensnaring the listener, the complex vocal harmonies, the way the guitars build off of each other, the intensity of the percussion, the the way the bass fills out the sound, it’s all astounding. Every piece of this band comes together with an awe inspiring, electric, and energetic tone. There’s also somewhat of a post-rock sound, reminiscent of Explosions In The Sky or Mogwai. I highly recommend listening to Virgin, ideally on a long car drive or late at night, somewhere where the sky is clear enough to see the stars. A place where life can be reflected, and hopefully the stars will reflect back a sense of joy and contentment that I felt while listening.


Listen here:

The Royal Twenties: Virgin

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