Cinema Hearts: Feels Like Forever


Cinema Hearts is a jangle pop band based out of Fairfax, Virginia. This is an interesting release, Feels Like Forever is a standout album to me. Influenced by the music of the sixties, but taking all of the foundations of mid twentieth century pop and modernizing that. The songs are short, but well put together. The songs aren’t any longer than I need to be. This keeps Feels Like Forever from becoming too repetitive, and keeps the songs engaging. Song flow is an important factor in any release, and this is an album that should be listened to start to finish. The vocals are astounding. The harmonies and backing vocals, often a variety of “oohs” and “aahs”,  back up the main vocal lines really well. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort was put into these tracks. There is a definite passion in the lyrics. Based out of Fairfax, VA, a lot of this Cinema Hearts release is about the angst of a college student. In the harmony, there’s a release of anger. There’s aggression, but its more of a subtlety. For those current studying in college, or nostalgic for those times, Cinema Hearts will bring back that feeling of putting off homework and the existential crises that can only be had waiting for finals to be over.

Ive been living here too long is my favorite song on Feels Like Forever. It’s a sad, morose song about the dull parts of life. Wanting more, striving to feel more but being stuck in a placid situation. I just love the way that feeling is expressed in the slow, deliberate chords chugging through the rain and slog of a day that won’t end. There’s probably more to it than that, or I could have missed the point entirely. That’s the great thing about when songs are released to the world. It’s not about the artits intention, not fully, anyway. I think that it’s more about how the song speaks to you. What the notes say, how the lyrics apply to your own life experiences. That being said, Feels Like Forever is a pleasure to listen to, and I’m sure Cinema Hearts will be playing around Nothern Virginia and Washington, D.C. Soon!


Other favorite song: Our Constellation – Those melodies. So good!


Check them out:

Music Here:






Cinema Hearts: Feels Like Forever

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