Mathrat: First Look


Mathrat is a math/post rock band from Washington, D.C. They haven’t put out a full EP yet, but they do have some great sounding lo-fi d.i.y. tracks available online. Mathrat, like most good math bands, is engaging to listen to. Each instrument has a firmly established place to create. As much complexity as there is with Mathrat, there is still room to breathe in the song. No song ever feels tedious or overwritten, but places in exactly the right way to make beautiful music. I think the post rock elements add to the sense of serenity, and is present also in the structure.

The ways the songs build, the energy and force presented is heavily reminiscent of post rock giants. That’s what this first look is to me, the first look at the footprint of a giant. There’s an endless amount of potential on these tracks, and for as much soft and pretty, there is a hard and violent side to their sound. On the last track, “All Knowing Box”, these elements blend wonderfully. Mathrat is a new up and coming band, so if you see them playing around D.C. or get invited to one of their shows, check them out!

Listen here:

Mathrat: First Look

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