Sleeping In: EP


An EP Review.

Sleeping In is an alt rock/shoegaze band from Burlington, Vermont. This music is as engaging as it is beautifully written. Sleeping In has a real talent for songwriting. The composition on this EP is exquisite. The production is so well done on this EP, it’s very impressive. Heavy without being too loud, complicated without being confusing, subdued and subtle, Sleeping In is a band that’s difficult to define. There’s such an excellent blend between intensity and leaving space for the songs to breathe. ¬†The guitar hooks and leads on this EP are great and definite ear worms.

I love the name of this band. Their music, to me really captures the feeling of sleeping in late. That special kind of consciousness that exists between being awake and asleep. Reality seems more malleable, and the sharp harsh lines of the world tend to blur. When I’m sleeping in, I feel relaxed and comfortable. I feel safe from the bullshit of modern life, and that feeling sometimes gives me the energy I need to push through some long days. Sleeping In gives me that same feeling, even in the late afternoon. There’s a power in their sound, and I’m absolutely going to be listening to this EP for a long time.

Listen to the EP here:

Sleeping In: EP

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