Catscan!: Challenger Deep


Catscan! is an electronic rock band from Washington, DC. This album is very unquie, hitting hard and fast with and upbeat, exciting sound on the first track that leads into a very stylized, composed, and often chill sound. Kaiko (I can’t make special o’s like that song has) starts with the sound of waves and seagulls. There’s nothing that makes me feel more at ease than the comforting cry of the birds and the seas. As I’ve said, there’s a lot of variety here. From dark and creepy to introspective, Catscan! proves that they have what it takes to tackle any genre. There’s a lot of electronic sound and effects blended into the intricate guitar harmonies and well produced and catchy choruses that will stick in your heard long after the song is over.

Catscan! has more than just songs, they write fantastic stories of the horrors of the deep, animals, outlaws, and occasionally about their own lives and experiences. Catscan! is hard to define, their sound isn’t set in one style. That’s one of the things that’s so great about this band.¬† While listening to Challenger Deep I was reminded heavily of They Might Be Giants, REM, and Ben Folds Five. This music is weird in the best possible way. I’ve seen this band live, and they put on a great show! If you get an invite to a show, don’t miss out!


Listen here:

Catscan!: Challenger Deep

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