Dear Adamus: Afterlight


Dear Adamus is an indie rock band from Virginia Beach, Virginia. This release has all of the stark beauty of standing on the a high cliff, overlooking the sea on a cold and cloudy day. Introspective, honest, and emotional, Afterlight is the kind of release that could be listened to over and over and something new could still be gained. The tone of the guitar and the vocal melodies are all very crisp and clear, the production is excellent. Primarily acoustic, the guitar work all has a detailed complexity that fills up the sound. Afterlight is the sound of hope, and sound of its absence. At just four songs, this release feels anything but small.

Dear Adamus captures something intangible, the expressions of reaching out and connecting with someone that you’ve cared for. Inner thoughts and expressions that were never perfect in the moment, but in the mind, almost interchangeable with dreams. This is what makes Afterlight universal. The essence of the mind, all of the complexity of human life and emotional exchanges. This is a release for anyone who feels deeply, loves passionately, and spends late nights staring into the stars. I highly recommend listening to and supporting Dear Adamus.

Listen here:


Dear Adamus: Afterlight

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