Hashima Machine: Family of Giants Keeping Warm

Hashima MachineHashima Machine is an experimental instrumental band based out of Baltimore, Maryland. This is an interesting and engaging release from some of the minds behind Cartoon Weapons. It’s complex, full of intricate melodies and astounding guitar work. The drumming and percussive work is so well done, it doesn’t sound as though it was recorded live with no overdubs. That might be the most amazing thing about Hashima Machine, coming from someone who has been spending what feels like an eternity working on my next release, the ability to be flawless on the first take is a rare skill. The piano playing is something that I can honestly say I haven’t heard before.

The raw talent is so tangible in Hashima Machine. The songs are more long journeys, painting whatever their meaning is to your mind in beautiful and unique ways. I’ve never stared so intently at album art, sitting and deciphering where I am in my life, what I’m accomplishing, where I need to go, all of these emotions and feeling that stir and rise while listening to Hashima Machine make it shine so bright to me. As the sun rises, as the seasons change, as new life begins and old lives return to the ether, Hashima Machine is to me the sound of existence. I love this music. Have your own experience, let the Family of Giants keep your spirit warm. I know I will.


Listen here: https://hashimamachine.bandcamp.com/album/family-of-giants-keeping-warm/

Hashima Machine: Family of Giants Keeping Warm

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