The Firnats: El Dorado

the firnats

The Firnats are an indie rock band from Washington, DC. The Firnats have crafted a classic sounding album with their own modern twist. My first impressions reminded me a lot of The Blue Album, Dinosaur Jr, The Decemberists (but a lot more down to earth/no songs about mariners) and Death Cab for Cutie. This album has a lot of down to earth, honest themes. Songs about unrequited love, drinking, loss, and love. That’s what I think makes The Firnats such an exceptional band, how relatable their songs are. Not to mention the excellent songwriting, skilled musicianship, mellow sound, and great stage presence. I was at a show with them and can personally say they know how to make a crowd feel engaged and put on a killer set.

El Dorado touches a lot of different styles and ideas, the sounds build up and come back down like the tides, or the currents of the seas. Drifting without becoming lost, this is catchy music. There’s a lot of pop elements too, for those who don’t like music to be too aggressive. This is a great album to listen to after a long day, to unwind and have a few beers with your friends. With Spring on the horizon and Summer fast approaching, it’s a good idea to get some people together as the sun sets and put on El Dorado. If you’re a fan of modern rock, smooth ballads, and good times, check out The Firnats!

Listen Here:



The Firnats: El Dorado

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