Burnt Seeds: Dive


Burnt Seeds is a garage rock band from Washington, D.C. Dive is a very interesting release, it’s very atmospheric and ethereal while maintaining a solid foundation of good hooks and excellent guitar playing. Burnt Seeds can shred, and there’s a lot of shredding on this song. The drumming is great and the entire rhythm section flows so smoothly. Well written music is so great to listen to, the ebb and flow of Dive sets off my serotonin receptors. The tone of the guitar and the effected, reverb heavy vocals are trance inducing in their dynamic sound.

The Alternate name for this song, Fire In The Jukebox, is very fitting to me. I like the name Dive, but there have been so many good songs with that name. I have a feeling this fact was not lost on Burnt Seeds. I can image it though while listening to this track, a burning jukebox in a crowded diner, the sound of melting vinyl on a hot summer day while the people move too fast to notice. It’s the sound of a fire, and the sound of the smoke. I really like this song.


Listen here: https://burntseeds.bandcamp.com/track/dive/

Burnt Seeds: Dive

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