Nine To Five: Demo


Nine To Five is a punk rock band from Washington, D.C. Catchy, melodic, upbeat and fun are my first impressions of Nine To Five. In my heart there’s always good to be a fire burning for good punk, and this band is on my wavelength. As a demo it’s very impressive, with the tones and growls of the late eighties blended with the more melodic sound of southern california punk rock. The guitar tone is fantastic, the bass is fast with a very high tone, following the guitar leads while also managing to stand out and shine on its own. Nine To Five are very good songwriters, and write hooks that will stay with you long after the demo is over.

There’s a decent amount of anger and rage, but it’s presented in a very upbeat, uptempo way. I really enjoy that sound. It’s bouncy and fun, and brings life back into a dull day. Songs about longing, frustration, the frustrations of working to survive versus doing what’s in your heart. Hours Go By is definitely my favorite track. It’s simple, but brilliant in it’s simplicity. I think it’s partially after quitting the cubicle life, and the way I used to feel trapped inside a corporate cage eight hours a day, fantasizing about being anywhere but there. Nine To Five is a really fun band to listen to, and I love this demo. Any punk fan should be sure to check it out!


Listen here:

Nine To Five: Demo

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