The Radiographers: Talk With Transparency

The Raidorios

The Radiographers are an indie rock band from College Park, Maryland. Guest Review by Christopher Wallace

The Radiographers, something I don’t have to think too much about because, this is the kind of tunes I can groove to. That’s what I like in some bands. Music where you can just put it on and not judge it. Plays as an ill background soundtrack of a party. Everyone would feel groovy and wicked to the melodies and beats. Clarity is key sometimes and I believe this band has that! The mixing is done really well and you can hear everything. I can’t stop playing My Survival, literally. Little Black Glove is also another favorite, “she doesn’t even know why she does it at all” but does any of us? It’s a pretty relate-able lyric. After hearing the last track Again I just had to play it again. I know, sounds a little cheesy but at least I’m honest. The Radiographers is a band definitely worth listening to. They can get funky and a little psychedelic. A scorching Indie/Rock sound that isn’t boring at all and predictable. I really can’t slap it into a genre but who needs those anyways nowadays? Genres are getting too complicated. Have an open ear and mind. Then you’ll start to appreciate such genius things as The Radiographers!

The Radiographers: Talk With Transparency

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