My Friday Anthem: Way To Be


An album review

My Friday Anthem is an alternative rock band from Frederick, Maryland. A lot has changed since we last talked about this band, and I have to say that Way To Be is a high quality, high production value, beautiful piece of artistic expression. Way To Be is an album that is brimming with passion, honesty, pain, and strength. It’s not overtly any one genre. They have come across on this album a little heavier into the shoegaze sound, but while still being able to keep that from taking over too much. There’s a certain dream like quality about the tone and sustain of the guitar. The lyrical content is a big highlight of this album. The songs come across poetic and significant, and in their sequence tell of being jaded, broken, and how to deal with that.

I love the exploration of darker emotions in music. It’s important to me, to explore the idea of writing with pain. Taking what negative things about one’s life and channeling them into expression, transmuting the struggles of existence into musical release. I feel that a lot of musicians know and create this way, and for some it becomes more than a hobby. The physical need to release emotion, and to perform it live. There’s nothing quite like being at a show, and seeing a band really reach someone. Even if it’s just one person, the look in on their face when they realize that someone else has felt the same struggle they have, and it’s going to be alright. It won’t be every show, and it won’t be every song, but My Friday Anthem has captured that feeling throughout Way To Be, and I was floored by how talented every member of this band truly is. I don’t want to give too much away, since the album will be available for purchase on May 17th, but I will say this.

My Friday Anthem has something important to say, and they broadcast it magnificently.

Way To Be will be released Tuesday, May 17th on Dead Industry Records.

My Friday Anthem: Way To Be

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