Party Like It’s-Clockwork Lover


An introduction to Party Like It’s…

Party Like It’s is a ska band from Washington, D.C. This is one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. After one listen, it absolutely will be stuck in your head, days or weeks after. It’s a fun, poppy, energetic song that highlights the talented musicians in this band, and at the forefront Cathy DiToro shines. I really like the transition from being a cover band to writing original music. I hope this trend continues for Party Like It’s, and maybe all their fans out there can help encourage this! I might even start a petition for a full length EP. There’s a lot of different influences in this band, and the comparisons to No Doubt or The Might Mighty Bosstones are obvious but I think that Party Like It’s isn’t really any of those bands. They are their own solid, unique, fun, beautiful and engaging sound with a wide range and endless fun and excitement about their music and performances.

Not that I have a problem with covers, they are always fun and this is definitely a fun band, but I think that this Party Like It’s has so much talent and skill, a full album of original music is something I’m dreaming of. Full of solid fills,  great guitar fills. and one of the most solid  rhythm sections around, Party Like It’s is a very solid, high energy band that can perk up any rainy day.

That aside, I can still listen to Clockwork Lover and a plethora of good covers and videos on the Party Like It’s youtube channel. Ska music isn’t something I’ve seen much of recently in the DC music scene, but that could be my fault for being too much of a square to see right shows.

Check out the video, check out the band, and go to one of their shows! Support your local ska band today!

Find more about shows, videos, merch at

Clockwork Lover video:



Party Like It’s-Clockwork Lover

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