Doll Baby: Demo

dollgsyDoll Baby is a garage rock band from Richmond, Virginia. The music on this demo is has a soft and subdued sound, it’s beautiful and engaging. It reminds me a lot of artists like Neko Case, Florence & The Machine, Radiohead, and The Wipers. For as serene as the sound is, there’s also a lot of punk influence. The clean guitar becomes overdriven, and the sound of the late 70s punk scene comes roaring through. That’s part of what makes this demo so interesting, the way the vocals and instruments build up and crash against each other. Waves of sound, cascading and washing over my ears and crashing down with its emotional weight and power. Doll Baby has made a really great demo, and I am eagerly anticipating a full length release. Also I probably listened to softee 15 times while writing this little review.

Listen here:


Doll Baby: Demo

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