Josie McQueen- The Man Is A Thief


Josie McQueen is an alternative/grunge band from Richmond, VA. The Man Is A Thief is a very well crafted and composed album, with elements of early 90’s grunge power and emotional honesty. The bass licks are smooth, the way slide and groove across the soundscapes add a wide range of depth to the album. The vocals are tight on every song, and the lyrics are very well written. I’m reminded a lot of Layne Staley, Brandon Boyd, Jack White, and Gavin Rossdale.

It takes a certain kind of poet to make the listener pay close attention to what’s being said. To step back and analyze, think and consider what’s being said. There’s a lot of music out there with a lot of sound and no substance. Josie McQueen is all sound, all substance. The guitars are heavy, over-driven with a healthy dose of delay and face melting leads. The drumming is tight and solid, with plenty of fills bringing the full range of sound together.  There’s an element of danger on this album, the themes of running, monsters, violence, and fear. I have always been a fan of exploring these darker parts of humanity in songs. The world can be a cold dark place, and seeing that through the lens of songwriters as talented as Josie McQueen gives the listener an unforgettable experience.

Side note: Rabbit Hunt is my favorite song, it’s so good!

Listen here:

Josie McQueen- The Man Is A Thief

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