The Clox – Jules Verne


The Clox are an indie rock band from New York City, NY. They just released a video for their single, “Jules Verne”. The sound of a subdued dark night cascades across the delay heavy leads and layered vocal tracks. Among many things the lyrical content covers, I really enjoyed the idea of changing the world for the better. Not in violent rebellion, or power struggles, but by being true and kind to each other. Giving in to compassion against the dark and uncaring future, it’s a very well presented and positive message. The Clox blend the sound of the indie rock scene with modern alternative rock, while somehow being more interesting and dynamic than both. There’s a quiet serenity in the music video, minimalistic with close ups of each member looking pensive. I think this is meant to capture the internal nature of this song, the quiet serenity in which all the answers to solve the issues that plague all of us living in modern society. In that way, The Clox are taking the existential pain of existence and providing a solution, a way to close that wound. If only for three minutes.


Listen here:

The Clox – Jules Verne

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