Kabob-O-Taj: ADZE


Kabob-O-Taj is an experimental funky prog rock band from Baltimore and Washington, D.C. ADZE is like nothing I’ve ever heard, and I mean that in the best way. The songs ebb and flow like the waves of the ocean, never being stuck in one place and washing over the listener in an exciting and engaging way. That’s the beauty of experimental music, there’s no predefined ideas about how a song should go or what way it should be, it just is. I find that to be an exceptionally beautiful concept, executed masterfully on ADZE.

The drumming and percussion work on this album is incredible, adding a solid foundation to the intensity of the vocal harmonizing. The talent of every member of this band is obvious, and the songwriting is just as solid. Composition is something that isn’t given enough credit in songwriting, and composition is something Kabob-O-Taj has fascinating rhythm work and instrumentation. Their live performance is also something I’ve had the privilege of seeing on a number of occasions, and it really is something to behold. The talent present on this album radiates powerfully in their stage performance. ADZE is an album for no specific type of person. It’s psychedelic and haunting while maintaining a funk drive in the rhythms of the drum and bass. It’s really difficult to try to quantify an experimental work, but ADZE is a wonderful experiment that works in every way. It’s different and weird, but the things that make it different and weird are what make Kabob-O-Taj great songwriters, composers, and performers. Check out this album and see them live if you get the chance!


Listen here: https://kabob-o-taj.bandcamp.com

Kabob-O-Taj: ADZE

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