Kooked Out: Self Titled EP


Kooked Out is a politically charged bluesy punk band from Boston, MA. There’s a lot going on in this release, and a lot of different sounds skillfully blended together. There’s the anger and politically charged rage up against smooth riffs and fuzzy bass lines. Kooked out is the kind of band that has to have a tight rhythm section. For as much as they say with their lyrics, the power of the drum and bass, and the space the guitar leaves for them to shine. The guitar work is very well executed and emotional, stepping back for the vocals to tell the story and coming in strong when the time comes. Every member of this band seems to know exactly when to step back or forward, and that’s a very admirable thing. There’s a lot of content in these songs, but the execution keeps it from ever coming across as busy or confusing to the listener.

There’s a definite modern rock sound to Kooked Out. The bluesy tone and the vocals can vary between talking, rapping, and singing. My favorite track would have to be Harlem. I love the darkness of that story, and the concept of growing and becoming more of it. Any song that talks about self doubt and growth, or personal experience takes a lot of courage. The courage to be oneself, and show that unabashedly to the world. I admire Kooked Out for their honesty. The EP never really gets too depressing, as the guitar work and vocal layering gives it a laid back feel. Kooked Out is a lot of different things, a range of emotions and sounds that make for a cohesive, well produced and engineered work. July is a damn catchy song, too.


Listen to the EP here: http://kookedout1.bandcamp.com/releases

Kooked Out: Self Titled EP

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